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Revision No.: 2010/000
W.e.f: Apr 12, 2010

What does this privacy policy cover?
This privacy policy describes the privacy practices of InHawk’s websites, as well as our products, online services, and applications that include a link to this. This privacy policy also applies to InHawk’s marketing and advertising practices but do not cover in any manner the policies or terms of any institution/organization/company/person/etc connected with InHawk directly or indirectly. Please also see the InHawk Terms of Use and any additional Terms of Use or Product License Agreements that may apply to the website or application you are using.

What information does InHawk collect about User?
When a user register to use a InHawk website or application, create a InHawk ID, or contact us for support, investment or business relations, InHawk collects information that identifies the user. This may include user’s name, company name, email address, date of birth, address, contact number, school/institutional details or payment information. We may also sometimes collect other information that may be additional to user’s identification, such as job title or industry. Some of this information is required (shall be mentioned) and other information is optional. To help keep our databases current and to provide you the most relevant content and experiences, we may combine information from you with information from public sources and our trusted partners, in accordance with applicable law.

InHawk Communication Policy
InHawk shall send you communication through email and in some case through SMS or telephonic calls. When you register with InHawk, you must agree with Terms of Communication by allowing us to contact you as per described manner. We understand your privacy and shall be using & sharing your contact information with trustworthy partners whenever necessary. InHawk shall not be responsible for any type of communication made by a third party.

InHawk Advertising & Marketing
InHawk shall not use any information of its user for advertising and marketing purpose but can use consolidated data about users that will not have any information about any specific person.

Content from other Companies
InHawk websites and applications may include buttons, tools, or content that link to other companies’ services (for example, a Facebook “Like” button). We may collect information about your use of these features. In addition, when you see or interact with these buttons, tools, or content, or view a InHawk web page containing them, some information from your browser may automatically be sent to the other company. Please read that company’s privacy policy for more information.

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