Information Technology Infrastructure Services (ITIS)

Optimizing Business IT Infrastructure for Efficiency:

We specialize in Remote Infrastructure Management, offering proactive and predictive support through our cutting-edge IT Operations Center (ITOC). Our proprietary tools and advanced analytics enable us to diagnose and resolve issues remotely, ensuring superior performance and value for our clients.

Our services include:

  • End-User Device Support
  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Database Administration
  • Back-Up Management
  • Cloud server setup and management
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Through continuous investments in automation and tools, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch IT services tailored to meet your business needs.

Enterprise Field Support Services

Our PAN-India team of certified field engineers is dedicated to delivering top-notch support across diverse technologies, making us the country's most extensive IT service provider. By seamlessly integrating Enterprise Field Services with our ITOC, we significantly enhance the cost-effectiveness of your IT infrastructure support.

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Services Offered:

  • End-User Support:
    • Desktop and Workstation Assistance
  • Server Support:
    • Operating System Management
    • Backup Solutions with Fine Tuning
  • Network Support:
    • Device Maintenance
    • Operational Support

Our commitment is to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly, providing reliable solutions for desktops, servers, and network devices.

IT Infrastructure and Business Expansion Services

We offer comprehensive solutions for swift and seamless branch expansion initiatives, including upgrades and compliance services. Our track record of on-time delivery, backed by proven project management and technical expertise, ensures our clients meet their business expansion goals.

Our Services:

  • Branch Expansion Programs
  • Software, OS, and System Upgrades
  • Security Compliance Assurance
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IT Infrastructure setup

IT Infrastructure, or ITIS (Information Technology Infrastructure Services), is like the backbone of a business's digital operations. It includes everything needed for IT functions, like hardware, software, services, and network resources. Setting up a strong IT infrastructure internally is crucial for a business to efficiently provide IT solutions to employees, partners, and customers. This not only supports day-to-day operations but also helps the business grow and be more productive.

Hardware Supply and Installation

Obviously, without your hardware, you’re not going to have much of an infrastructure to begin with, but a decent hardware setup is much more than deciding whether you’re on Apple or Windows. Setting up a sufficient infrastructure begins with a decent server.

  • Servers: Dell/HP
  • Work Stations: Dell/HP
  • Storages: Dell EMC, supply & implementation
  • Cloud server implementation
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Cyber Security
  • Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility
  • Firewall and Security Product
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Design the network and Implementation

Our comprehensive IT Infrastructure Services cover the entire spectrum of network design, implementation, and support. Key components include:

  • Network Design and Implementation:
    • Expert design and deployment of a robust network infrastructure.
    • Active component design for optimized server room functionality.
    • Implementation of passive components to enhance network efficiency.
  • Server Room Setup:
    • Full-service design and setup of server rooms.
    • Comprehensive support until project handover.
  • Physical Security Measures:
    • Access control systems and CCTV installation for enhanced server room security.
  • Fiber Optic Cabling:
    • Installation of high-performance fiber optic cabling and associated components.
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Total campus Wi-Fi supply and installation for seamless connectivity.
  • End-to-End Networking Products:
    • Design, supply, and implementation of a complete range of networking products.
ERP for the University

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