Application Development

Our custom-developed applications serve as an extension of your organization. Inhawk boasts a successful history of business operations across India. We adhere rigorously to established business processes and frameworks, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge custom-developed application services for our clients, leveraging the latest technology.

Custom-Developed Application

Legacy Software Maintenance

At Inhawk, we specialize in enhancing and connecting older systems, maximizing their lifespan and utility. We utilize available tools to rejuvenate legacy systems, transforming proprietary setups into modern, standards-compliant environments. Our services include migrating Oracle 8i applications to the latest versions, as well as supporting and upgrading any old Oracle or VB systems to the latest web technologies. This encompasses seamless data and application migration.

We recognize the critical role that streamlined processes play in the smooth operation of businesses. Working closely with our clients, we create detailed process flows to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality services. Our collaborative approach involves regular evaluations of operations to identify and address any gaps for optimization.

Our range of back-office support services includes data and document management, training and development, customer support, technical services, order management, and software QA and testing. We specialize in providing outsourced middle and back-office solutions for prime brokerages and companies offering execution, settlement, and safe custody services to their clients.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Back Office Support Services

We recognize that smooth processes are essential for efficient business operations. We work closely with our clients to create detailed process flows that ensure high-quality services. Our teams collaborate with clients to regularly assess and optimize operations, addressing any gaps for optimal performance.

Data is invaluable, and we recognize its significance. We specialize in organizing and processing vast amounts of data from organizations, whether it's in print, electronic, or other formats.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring data completeness through regular follow-ups to update any missing information. We employ a rigorous quality control process at various stages to guarantee error-free data.

Data Management & DBA Service

Document Management System

We offer a Document Management System that efficiently stores, organizes, and monitors electronic documents and scanned images of paper-based information. Our system includes a user-friendly interface for clients to easily access and share documents on their server. This enables seamless retrieval and reference to the required documents.

Our trainers play a dual role as educators and system analysts. They train buyers, suppliers, and other entities in the supply chain on new functionalities and existing applications. Additionally, they work closely with the development team to upgrade applications based on client specifications.

Training and Development

Customer support service

We offer a wide range of services, from core business to specialized operations, including compliance and supply chain. Our customer support services help companies efficiently address customer issues, ensuring quick query resolution. This enhances customer satisfaction, fostering strong relationships and goodwill.

We offer technical support through email, phone, Teams messaging, and on-site assistance. Our goal is to address clients' software-related issues promptly, enhance product utility, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

Order Management

At Inhawk, we specialize in order management services, including quoting, processing, information completion, and entry. Our clients rely on us to streamline their order fulfillment, ensuring efficient and accurate order processing.

With over 10 years of expertise in development and maintenance, Direction Software is your reliable choice for cutting-edge web applications and e-commerce services. Our robust solutions employ a state-of-the-art data encryption model, fortified with high-security plugins to safeguard against emerging malware and threats.

Web Application and E-Commerce Services

Web Technologies

We specialize in web development, covering both front-end and back-end frameworks using languages like .Net, Java, PHP, etc. Our team excels in database applications, working with Oracle, MySQL, and MS-SQL for various organizations.

We specialize in crafting tailored web applications and e-commerce portals aligned with your business needs. Our expertise spans various industries, including e-commerce, fashion, finance, payroll, supply chain and logistics, investment management, and comprehensive finance management for universities.

For educational institutions, we offer end-to-end university management solutions covering admission processes, examination management, and post-examination procedures.

Web Application and Portal Development Services

Outsourced Development

We've successfully formed dedicated teams for startups, SMBs, and enterprises, delivering excellent results. Our diverse skill sets cover a range of technologies.

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