University ERP System

Our ERP system is designed for efficient end-to-end management of both government and private universities. Key features include:

  • Finance Management:
    • Controlled by budget codes.
    • Double-entry accounting with an accrual basis.
  • Academic Management System:
    • Covers admissions, academic processes, and examination management.
  • Pre-Exam and Post-Exam System:
    • Streamlines processes before and after exams.
  • Online Fee Collection:
    • Secure solution for online fee payments.
    • Generates receipts and maintains Digital Collection Books (DCB).
  • Web Application Development:
    • Customized cloud-hosted application for UG, PG, PhD, and other courses.
  • Database Support:
    • Compatible with Oracle 8i, 9i, and older versions.
    • Facilitates smooth migration to new versions.
  • MIS/UGC Reports:
    • Provides essential Management Information System and University Grants Commission reports.
ERP for the University

Online Finance System for Agriculture University

Our finance system adheres to State Government and ICAR norms, ensuring transparency and efficiency. The system is designed to manage the university budget, linking it seamlessly with:

ERP for the University
  • Bills: Handling all types of bills efficiently.
  • Receipts & Payments:Streamlining the process for better financial tracking.
  • Project/Schemes Management: Ensuring effective allocation and monitoring of funds.
  • Access and Control: Implementing secure multiplicative access controls.
  • Payroll and Deductions: Managing payroll, TDS, PT, LIC payments, and deductions.
  • Online Fee Collection: Simplifying fee collection with real-time posting to accounts.
  • Double Entry Accounting System: Maintaining accuracy through a robust accounting system.
  • Budget Controls: Implementing controls to align with financial plans.

ERP for Mining Automation

  • An ERP system is connected to sales, production planning, post-sales, invoicing, and customer collections.
  • The Weight Bridge links directly to the ERP.
  • Gate passes and statutory documents are automatically generated.
  • Actual Dispatch notes and corresponding collection demands are sent automatically via email.
  • Daily reports on sales, collections, and production are automatically generated and shared with top management.
  • Real-time production inventory information is accessible to top management on-site.
ERP for the University

ERP-Shop Floor for Manufacturing Unit

Our cloud-based ERP system streamlines the entire manufacturing process, from initial inquiry to product delivery. Designed for distributors with multi-location production and delivery systems, our Shop Floor ERP consists of the following modules:

ERP for the University
  • Pre-sales/Sales: Manages customer inquiries and sales processes.
  • Purchase: Handles procurement and vendor management.
  • Production Planning & Controling [PPC]: Optimizes production schedules and controls the manufacturing process.
  • Production: Executes the manufacturing process efficiently.
  • Quality Control: Ensures product quality meets established standards.
  • Engineering: Manages product design and development.
  • Manufacturing: Coordinates and oversees the entire manufacturing process.
  • Trader/Inventory/Stock: Tracks inventory levels and manages stock.
  • Materials Management: Efficiently handles materials throughout the supply chain.
  • Finance, Accounts & Costing: Manages financial transactions, accounting, and cost analysis.
  • System (Admin Security Module): Ensures data security and admin functionality.
  • HR/ Payroll: Manages human resources and payroll processes.

Cloud based Payroll System

Our payroll system is a versatile cloud solution tailored for various sectors, including government bodies, NGOs, and municipal corporations. It operates on a use-and-pay model, offering customized solutions based on specific requirements.

  • Comprehensive Functionality:
    • Manages all aspects of government payroll requirements.
    • Tracks earnings and deductions, including TDS, PT, PF, LIC, and other deductions.
  • Generates Form 16 as part of the payroll process:
    • Handles employee loans, advances, and recovery accounts.
    • Auto-mails payslips to employees for seamless communication.
  • Tax and Statutory Compliance:
    • Calculates Professional Tax and Income Tax.
    • Automated computation of statutory deductions such as GPF, NPS, IT, and ESI.
    • Flexibility to add additional deductions as needed.
  • Flexible Processing:
    • User-defined payroll processing periods.
    • Automated arrears and DA arrears calculations.
  • Employee Management:
    • Manages salary grade/scale systems.
    • Maintains classified information for various staff categories.
  • Historical Data:
    • Stores historical payroll information, facilitating easy retrieval of previous months' reports and payslips.
ERP for the University

Open University Management System

The Open University Management System is a comprehensive solution designed for Government universities. It includes:

ERP for the University
  • University Academic Management System:
    • Manages academic processes for various courses.
    • Facilitates smooth coordination between departments.
  • Finance Management System:
    • End-to-end financial management tailored for Conventional Universities.
  • Pre-Exam and Post-Exam System:
    • Streamlined processes for both pre and post-examination activities.
    • Ensures efficient handling of exam-related tasks.
  • Online Fee Collection:
    • Seamless online fee collection solutions.
    • Generation of receipts and integration with Digital Clearing House (DCB).
  • Admissions Processes:
    • Web application development for different admissions processes.
    • Covers UG, PG, and other courses under open universities.
  • Cloud Hosting:
    • Application hosted in the cloud for accessibility and scalability.
    • Customization options to meet specific university requirements.
  • Total Finance System:
    • Integration of financial aspects across various university functions.
  • MIS/UGC Reports:
    • Comprehensive Management Information System (MIS).
    • Generation of reports compliant with University Grants Commission (UGC) standards.

This system offers an end-to-end solution, ensuring a seamless flow from admissions to academics, examinations, and financial management. Hosted in the cloud, it provides flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of each university. Additionally, it includes robust reporting capabilities in adherence to UGC standards.

Silk Marketing Process Automation ERP

The Silk ERP system is designed to streamline and automate the entire silk marketing process, encompassing key functions such as purchase, sales, receipt, and payment. This multi-location ERP effectively manages overall operations, inventory, and store control for organizations involved in the silk industry.

Key Features:

  • Purchase and Sales Management:
    • Streamlined processes for raw silk yarn procurement and sales transactions.
  • Silk Farmer Registration:
    • Facilitates the registration of silk farmers with the issuance of unique IDs and registration numbers.
  • Custom Grant Distribution:
    • Manages the distribution process for custom grants, ensuring a smooth flow of silk production.
  • Materials Management (Stock & Inventory):
    • Efficiently tracks and manages stock levels and inventory, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Marketing Management:
    • Handles both pre-sale and post-sale activities, providing insights into marketing strategies and performance.
  • Production & Schedule Management:
    • Manages and schedules twisting activities for silk production, optimizing the overall production process.
  • Quality Management:
    • Ensures the quality of raw silk yarn through rigorous quality checks during both the purchase and twisting stages.
  • Communication Module (Auto-Email):
    • Facilitates seamless communication through an auto-email module, enhancing collaboration and information flow.
  • E-payment and Receipt:
    • Provides a secure and efficient system for electronic payment and receipt processes.
ERP for the University

Application Service & Support

We specialize in seamless data migration and verification processes, transitioning from outdated legacy systems like Oracle 8i to the latest Oracle databases, including 12c, 18c, and 21c.

ERP for the University

Key Services:

    • Data Migration:
      • Expert migration services from legacy systems (e.g., Oracle 8i) to the latest Oracle databases (12c, 18c, 21c).
      • Thorough verification processes to ensure data integrity and accuracy.
    • Application Migration:
      • Smooth transition from PL SQL, Oracle Forms, and Reports to the cutting-edge Apex platform.
      • Integration of cloud technologies for enhanced efficiency and scalability.
    • Ongoing Support & Maintenance:
      • Comprehensive support for Oracle databases ranging from 8i to 21c.
      • Proficient in PL SQL, Oracle Forms & Reports, providing reliable application support.

    Key Technologies:

  • Oracle Database: 12c, 18c, 21c
  • Development Tools: PL SQL, Oracle Forms & Reports, Apex
  • Cloud Integration: Leveraging cloud technologies for optimal performance.

Our commitment is to deliver a seamless migration experience and provide reliable support for your Oracle-based applications throughout their lifecycle.

Educational and Public Sector Advisory

We specialize in providing strategic consultancy services tailored to universities, colleges, and semi-government entities. Our expertise encompasses the following key areas:

    • Automation Services:
      • Strategy for Automation
      • Workflow Management
      • Process Optimization
      • Finance Automation
      • Examination Process Automation
    • IT Services:
      • IT Infrastructure Design and Redesign
      • IT Policy Development
      • Data Security and DR Policy
    • Specialized Consultancy:
      • OMR Consultancy Service
      • Payroll Process Accounting
      • Audit-related Information and Reports
ERP for the University

Our consultancy aims to simplify complexities, drive innovation, and optimize your organization's overall performance.

Digital Scanning Service & OMR Service

ERP for the University

Our Services:

  • Printing and scanning of OMR sheets for exams.
  • Efficient data collection through OMR scanning.
  • Examination Evaluation using OMR technology.
  • Digitization and management of documents.
  • Comprehensive document scanning solutions with indexing.
  • Digital Evaluation of answer sheets.

Business Analysis

  • Using Data Science for better Business Performance Management
ERP for the University

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