IT Solutions and Services:

  • Servers:
    • High-end and mid-range server supply and installation.
  • Workstations:
    • Supply and installation for GSI application.
  • Devices:
    • High-end laptops and desktops.
  • Networking:
    • End-to-end passive components.
    • End-to-end active components.
    • Managed and unmanaged switches from HP, Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Netgear, and D-Link.
    • Campus Wi-Fi solutions.
    • Routers
  • Storage Solutions:
    • Storage servers or backup solutions by Dell EMC/NetApp.
  • Infrastructure:
    • End-to-end fiber (OFC) installation (indoor/outdoor).
    • Network racks and enclosures for servers (indoor/outdoor).
    • Installation of structured cabling (copper/OFC).
ERP for the University

ERP for the University

IT Infrastructure Design and Maintenance Services

A robust IT infrastructure is essential for seamless business operations. Our services go beyond building from the ground up; we ensure your IT environment is designed, implemented, and maintained with a focus on high availability, security, and adaptability.

Our Services Include:

Why Choose Us?

We are your end-to-end partners, supporting you from initial design through implementation and beyond. Whether you need a new infrastructure or want to enhance an existing one, we are committed to maintaining, managing, and expanding it to meet your evolving business needs.

IT Infrastructure Design

We tailor IT infrastructure solutions to meet the unique requirements of your application, network, or specific service. Our design process involves two approaches: creating an entire infrastructure from the ground up and integrating necessary elements to achieve specific functionalities. Our goal is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.

Building Your Infrastructure:

If you have a project but are unsure how to set up the right infrastructure, let us handle it for you. Our experts will gather detailed information about your project, create a work plan, and start building the infrastructure tailored to your needs. We'll keep you in the loop at every stage, ensuring a fault-free, highly available system that meets your specifications.

Modifying Your Existing Infrastructure:

Already have an infrastructure but need specific changes?

We'll analyze your current setup, discuss your requirements, and propose a schedule for modifications without disrupting your ongoing project. With years of experience, we'll implement changes seamlessly, ensuring your infrastructure stays available at all times.

Get in touch. Let's discuss your needs.

Our Services & Support

Inhawk experts manage your IT infrastructure with a range of comprehensive services, including:

We tailor our solutions to meet your business's specific needs, going beyond mere error fixes to deliver maximum benefits.

Advantages from Infrastructure Management:

Backup and Disaster Recovery Policies: Ensuring Business Continuity


Even the most robust systems can face unexpected failures or disasters. To safeguard against data loss and ensure uninterrupted access to services, having effective backup and disaster recovery policies is crucial.

ERP for the University
Minimizing Downtime:

To minimize application or infrastructure downtime, a systematic approach is adopted:

  • Data Analysis:
    • Identify critical resources that require backup based on an account overview.
    • Define Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for targeted data.
  • Backup Policy Creation:
    • Define backup methods, medium, schedule, and retention based on resource types, RTO, and RPO.
    • Implement policies as scripts and verify proper execution.
  • Testing Data Restoration:
    • Test data restoration in an isolated environment to ensure issue-free services.
    • Verify the recovered services function correctly.
  • Disaster Recovery Policy:
    • For every specified resource, describe the automatic restoration process to meet RTO.
    • Schedule and perform regular testing of data and service recovery.


By following these steps, businesses can confidently protect themselves from threats, ensuring quick and efficient recovery in the face of unforeseen events.

Backup Options

Cloud Adoption made easy with InHawk

Unlock the Potential of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud Adaptation Strategy:

Embarking on the cloud journey but unsure where to start? Inhawk is your strategic partner, offering tailored cloud implementation strategies. Whether migrating existing resources or designing a new environment, we've got you covered.

ERP for the University

What We Offer:

Navigating multiple cloud services can be overwhelming. Our emphasis is on cloud adaptation strategy—understanding your needs, opportunities in the cloud, and providing in-depth analysis. We focus on:

We offer technologies for care, maintenance, and implementation of the right solutions.

Need a strategy for implementing cloud-based services? Let's discuss your needs.

Operating Methods:

Effective planning is crucial. We divide your project into stages for ongoing monitoring and flexibility. The process involves:

  • In-depth discussion to formulate next steps.
  • Designing a tailored solution.
  • Implementation or presenting an action diagram.
  • Maintenance and project management.
  • Scalable infrastructure for your growing business.

Your satisfaction is our priority, we'll tailor the solution to your expectations.


Why choose our cloud adaptation strategy service?

  • Cost Efficiency:
    • No need for an army of IT specialists, we offer cost-effective solutions.
  • Time Savings:
    • Let us handle the complexities of cloud computing while you focus on business growth.
  • Speedy Project Design:
    • Benefit from our experience for swift and efficient cloud project design.
Ready to lower IT costs and elevate your business? Let's start the conversation.

ERP for the University

IT Infrastructure Support Service & AMC

IT Infrastructure Support Service

IT infrastructure support involves managing and maintaining your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT environment to ensure its stability, security, and optimal performance. This includes overseeing servers, networks, databases, and other elements of your IT setup, providing both proactive and reactive support.

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